'Cardboard Wolves' represents a new group of graduates that move fiercely, yet vulnerably, into the real world.
As part of a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media, the graduating group was tasked with hosting a graduate exhibition of their finest work.​​​​​​​
The final promotional poster for the exhibition.
A series of posters used to encourage exhibition attendees to use interactive displays.
Screenshots from motion graphics produced for the video element of the exhibition.
A video piece, 'Cardboard Wolves: The Motion Picture', is a 41-minute feature presentation that combined the best video work produced throughout the year. You can watch the trailer below or view the full feature on YouTube.
All work remains the copyright of those involved in the 2011 exhibition: Phil Beer, Timothy Bennett, Mark Bradford, Cheryl Cadzow, Murray Irving-Dusting and Joel Nicholson.
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